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Protect Yourself from Terrorists

There are over 70,000 known computer viruses with an average of three new viruses released every day and some of them can have dire consequences that go far beyond just making your computer unusable.

Bugbear and BadTrans collect your bank accounts, credit cards, and other information, such as login passwords. Both then send that information to the authors and even the Department of Justice has not been able to shut down the places it is sent.

Many of the authors are now funded by terrorist organizations so, yes, this is another form of attack; one that could potentially wreak far more havoc than 9/11.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of small business and home computers are not protected. Even if your computer came with antiviral software, it has to be updated regularly in order to detect the new viruses and many manufacturers sell their systems with the software present, but not installed.

Unless you are sure that you have antiviral software running on your computer and that it is being updated regularly, I cannot stress enough how important it is that you read this page and follow the instructions.

The first thing to do is to verify that you do not have any viruses currently infecting your computer.

TrendMicro, the makers of PC-Cillin antivirus have a free, web based, virus scanner name HouseCall. If you click on the logo to the right, you will be able to do the scan without losing this page.

In the center of the homepage is a link to a "Free Online Scan". Click on the link and follow the instructions. It will take a few minutes to load the scanning software into a window and will then need many more to scan your system, so plan on starting when you won't mind letting it run.

Hopefully, HouseCall won't find any viruses; but, if it does and it cannot remove them, it is important that you write down the names of the viruses found. Many have specific removal tools available and others can be removed manually if the name of the virus is known.

Now; assuming that your system is free of viruses, the next step is to update or install your antiviral software to ensure future protection. McAfee can be checked by right-clicking on the shield icon down by your clock and then left-clicking on about. One of the items displayed will be the date of the last update. To check Norton, double-click on it's icon and click on the Information button.

Both also have methods to attempt an update; but the odds are that your subscription will have expired.

If you are not using your computer for business, you can also get free software by visiting ComputerVirusHelp.com

If you have any specific question that you would like answerred, please E-mail me

In the past 26 years, I have solved or helped to solve well over 100,000 different computer problems of every scope and nature. I can provide services to you with a level of experience and knowledge that is quite rare. I also firmly believe that you will find my services to be an exceptional value.

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